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Ritaharjun Autokatsastus


In Ritaharju car inspection, the work is done smoothly

Ritaharju car inspection station is an inspection station along good transport connections. We are located next to Motonet car repair shop Lapkaara and Motonet department store in Oulu.  At Ritaharju inspection, both inspections and car maintenance are handled under the same roof! Ideapark is located naerby, where you can go shopping while your car is being inspected. Customer service is close to our hearts, and it is important to us to make getting your car inspected as easy and smooth as possible. The most important thing for us is to take care of our customers’ safety!


Arto Kankaala

Entrepreneur, Managing Director

Tel: 040-8382959


Toni Riiski

Car inspection manager

Tel: 020-7415777


Frequently asked questions

You can check the inspection time of your car from the previous inspection certificate, registration extract or on traficom’s website.

The inspection takes about 20-30 minutes. While you wait, you can, for example, drink a cup of warm coffee in our comfortable customer areas.

Check at least these things before the inspection:

1. Up-to-dateness of mandatory car payments: vehicle tax and insurance premium.

2. Tire pressure and tire tread depth.

3. Functionality of the lights.

4. Functionality of the brakes.

5. Is your car leaking fluid from somewhere?

6. Fill with windshield washer fluid and test the functionality of the wipers.

7. Drive your car for some time before the inspection, so that the emission measurement is not distorted.

If the car does not pass the inspection, the defects that appeared during the periodic inspection will be checked during the post-inspection.

The faults and deficiencies of the periodic inspection must be corrected as soon as possible. The car must be brought in for a post-inspection within one month.





Of course, you can come and watch the inspection! However, please pay attention to your own safety in the hall, because there are various lifts, machines and moving cars. Visitors to the hall are always at their own risk.

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