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Ritaharjun Autokatsastus


Car inspection in Oulu's Ritaharju

High-quality customer service with a big heart

At Ritaharju car inspection, we take care of your car’s safety. You can find all our services in Oulu’s Ritaharju along the good transport links! You get all services under one roof, including car maintenance and inspection. We also do car inspections without an appointment!


Price list

Car inspection and emission measurement ONLY €42 includes VAT 24%. 


Post-inspection €20 includes VAT 24%

Information about car inspection

We handle inspections for light vehicles smoothly and professionally, i.e. vehicles weighing less than 3500 kg. The first inspection is carried out for vehicles put into service on or after 25 May 2018 at the age of four. After that, the periodic inspection takes place every two years until the vehicle is 10 years old. After that, the vehicle must be inspected once a year.

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This is how the car inspection should always have been

Customer service is important to us. For us, the car is not the only customer, but also the people we meet with joy! We have several satisfied customers, welcome to their run!

Inspections are done on a fast schedule, and you don’t have to wait days for the inspection. You can also come to us without an appointment!

Our professional inspection staff will be happy to guide you in matters related to your car. You can also ask us anything without being looked at in a crooked way!

We are entrepreneurs and our reputation is everything. That’s why we always have everything in play.

We are located right next to the highway in Oulu’s Ritaharju. Motonet car repair shop Lapkaara and the store itself are all under the same roof. You can also go shopping in the Ideapark which is located nearby.

We handle things smoothly and smartly. You can conveniently book your appointment online in less than a minute! The inspection itself is clear and routine for us, so time is not wasted on adjustments.

Car Inspected
Car repaired

Frequently asked questions

You can check the inspection time of your car from the previous inspection certificate, registration extract or on traficom’s website.

The inspection takes about 20-30 minutes. While you wait, you can, for example, drink a cup of warm coffee in our comfortable customer areas.

Check at least these things before the inspection:

1. Up-to-dateness of mandatory car payments: vehicle tax and insurance premium.

2. Tire pressure and tire tread depth.

3. Functionality of the lights.

4. Functionality of the brakes.

5. Is your car leaking fluid from somewhere?

6. Fill with windshield washer fluid and test the functionality of the wipers.

7. Drive your car for some time before the inspection, so that the emission measurement is not distorted.

If the car does not pass the inspection, the defects that appeared during the periodic inspection will be checked during the post-inspection.

The faults and deficiencies of the periodic inspection must be corrected as soon as possible. The car must be brought in for a post-inspection within one month.





Of course, you can come and watch the inspection! However, please pay attention to your own safety in the hall, because there are various lifts, machines and moving cars. Visitors to the hall are always at their own risk.

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